Half Of TSA’s 30,000 Employees Accused Of Misconduct; Nearly A Third Multiple Times

I hadn’t been on a plane in a few months but last week I flew into Atlanta.

I always fall out of the TSA rhythm if I haven’t flown for a while. I always forget to take off my belt. Pretty much every time. Do I take out my wallet? Good thing I remembered to wear loafers this time.

It’s insane. Really, think about it. It’s nuts. Then we have to stand in that machine and get blasted by radiation while we stand with our hands over our head like some sort of criminal.

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The Cartel That Makes Sure Airplane Tickets Never Get Cheaper

Open this industry up. I don’t mean “deregulation” like in the 1970s. I mean let’s examine why it took forever for Virgin to get routes within the USA. (A fantastic airline by the way. I encourage anyone with the opportunity to fly Virgin to do it. It’s almost pleasant.) Let’s make it easier for international carriers to do business here. Let’s stop protecting the legacy carriers and start getting some of those lay down seats on domestic flights.

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Chris Christie Shows Fondness for Luxury Benefits When Others Pay the Bill

Christie likes to live…extravagantly.

He apparently has a penchant for private jets and fancy hotels. But hey, who doesn’t? Problem is these jets and hotels are often paid for by people looking to influence the political discussion, or in some cases, by the taxpayers of New Jersey.

He’s hardly alone but it’s still not right.

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Congresspeople no longer have to report travel paid for by private groups

So Congressman would you like to fly to Tel Aviv on the dime of the Israeli lobby? How about to Burgundy to examine the particulars of the French wine industry? With your wife. While staying in a super swanky hotel? No need to report it now that the House Ethics Committee has quietly changed the rules.

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Airport Delays Due To Budget Cuts? Nope. FAA Has a Larger Budget This Year Than Last.

Source: Freedomworks.org

As I wrote yesterday I think the whole air traffic controller delay bit is very likely a political ploy to make people with significant influence such as business travelers, hoteliers etc, cry out for the more money to be sent to Washington to alleviate the pain. The White House wants to make a certain segment of the economy pay, and score political points in the process. It has lost very badly on the sequester and it needs a win.

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Washington Airports Spared Sequester Impacts (Everywhere else? Well, you aren’t so lucky.)

I talked to a salesman today about a trip he just took. His flight out of Boston was delayed and the passengers on his flight were told it was because of sequester furloughs. 2 hours.

This is an attempt to make people with some influence (business travelers) feel pain so they complain to their Congressperson and money starts flowing again. (Like it’s not a roaring river even with the sequester anyway.)

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