Trump to sign orders to renegotiate NAFTA, pull out of TPP

Well, and we’re off. The Trump era begins.

We are absolutely for free trade. Free trade is a good thing. It raises the standard of living of many people. You know those giant TVs one can buy at Target for $400? Thank free trade – generally.

However it is important to note that deals like NAFTA and the TPP are not really about “free trade.” They are about managed trade and crony trade. These agreements work for the companies (and governments) that are involved in the negotiations.

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Glenn Greenwald: Trump will have vast powers. He can thank Democrats for them.

This is exactly correct. Supposed “liberals” and “progressives” (at least many of them) sold out the last vestiges of “liberalism” with President Obama. In many ways “liberals” and “progressives” within the Democratic Party just devolved into authoritarians. They allowed Obama to run roughshod over the Constitution and to expand the power of the Executive Branch because, well, Obama was your guy.

You were hoodwinked. And the thing is many of you (but not all) were willfully hoodwinked.

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And now a video of middle class kids playing “protest” in Downtown DC (Video)

Remember when the TEA Partiers were running around breaking windows? Yeah me either.

I’ve been to a few protests in my day. Some of the libertarian kind and quite a few more as a tourist at more conventional “lefty” protests. They can be fun. One get’s to walk in the middle of the street and yell things like “This is what democracy looks like.” And the evergreen, “Whose streets? Our Streets!” At least until the cops get serious and then everyone gets a bottled water and sits in the park.

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A statement on Trump and on protesting Trump from the Vice-Chair, Libertarian National Committee, Arvin Vohra

This Saturday, I will not be attending the protest march on Washington, although I live only a few minutes away from that location.

This march suggests that Donald J. Trump’s inappropriateness is somehow worse than the government abuses under Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

I won’t support that kind of value reversal. I will not engage in the fantasy that idiotic locker room humor is worse than bombing civilians, or hypocritically refusing to pardon people for marijuana use after admitting to marijuana use.

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Trump eyes 10% spending cuts, 20% slash of federal workers

This is would be another example of why Trump has to be seen by libertarians and other small government people as a mixed bag. He is pretty bad on some things but when was the last time a president seriously talked about cutting spending by 10% and getting rid of 20% (!) of the long protected federal bureaucratic class? (At least in some agencies.)

Hey, keep this stuff coming. If Trump wants to really get to the heart of the beast,

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