Have regulations increased monopolies?

Yes. Absolutely yes! In fact monopolies can not survive without government protection. The economist Murray Rothbard pointed this out. (Others have too.)

In the event of a “free market” monopoly (Actually a misuse of the word “monopoly.” According to Rothbard monopolies were originally granted by a king etc.) the colluders almost always start to undercut each other once they arrive at an agreement. Then sooner or later the cartel starts to fall apart. The only thing that can keep this medium term disintegration from happening is government.

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The Myth of the Free Market Cartel | by Murray N. Rothbard (Video)

Cartels rarely survive very long without the backing of the government. The big trusts over the years have only continued on over the long term if they had the protection of the state. In a free market with free prices monopolists are constantly undermined by new firms, with newer equipment and better methods. There is no better trust buster than the market.

If however the companies in power at a particular time can buy into the government and create a regulatory moat around their firms the old,

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Wealthy Clintons Use Trusts to Limit Estate Tax They Back

Now raise your hand if you subscribe to the Kennedy school of limousine liberalism. I’m looking at you John Kerry…

Look, at a net worth of $100 million the Clintons are not wealthy, they are legitimately rich. They are not the 1%, they are the 1% of the 1%. And surprise surprise, despite all the “have and have not” nonsense coming from Madam Clinton as of late, the Clintons intend on remaining in the 1% of the 1%.

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