George Carlin explains why “newspeak” (political correctness) is dangerous, Is contrasted with President Obama (VIDEO)

In many respects political correctness, and there are different forms employed by different groups interested in dominating the political narrative, is a way of lying. It is a way of being dishonest. It’s not about feelings (not that this is an excuse anyway) often, it is about obscuring reality. It is about muddying the waters. It is about countering intuition (which when done via reason can be a good thing on occasion) and creating alternate realities to reality.

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Ignorance reigns on Twitter yesterday, #Resistcapitalism trends, Cluelessness abounds

If you are “resisting capitalism” you are “resisting human progress.” You are resisting the voluntary exchange of goods and services. You are resisting opportunity for people to make a better life for themselves through hard work. You are trading that opportunity for a system which rewards the uncreative and unambitious. (And perhaps you understand this.) You are fundamentally resisting FREEDOM and LIBERTY, because “economic liberty,” the right to do what you want with that which you own, is not separate from social FREEDOM and LIBERTY.

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Win for free speech: WSU says professors may not discriminate against students who use terms “male” or “female” in class

Political correctness is so disheartening. It is a speech code imposed by those who spend their lives perpetually offended. Everyone (well nearly everyone) knows that these perpetually offended individuals are out to lunch, but for a long time people were afraid to say anything for fear of being labeled a “racist” or worse. Such a tag from the politically correct community of grievance studies professors could potentially derail a career in academia for a student or prospective professor. It is a deeply totalitarian phenomenon.

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Google meets with the White House nearly every week?

Big Data

Google is massive. Its power radiates from Silicon Valley warming the bank accounts of employees, shareholders, and politicians alike. It is as iconic a brand as Coke or Ford. And it has gained this status in a relatively short period. I remember when Google just happened to have the best search engine in the business but trailed Yahoo. That was just over a decade ago.

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Will Google soon define what is “truth” and what is not?

This is a bit creepy.

Though it is true that there is lots of misinformation on the web, and that the quest for higher quality search results is very good one, that the most used search engine in the world may soon be in the business of defining what is “true” and what is not is of some concern.

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Maher: Obama “Perhaps The Worst President We’ve Had On Clamping Down On The Press”

Maher couches his statement with the word “perhaps.” Other journalists, journalists of lefty disposition in many cases, have said that Obama is in fact the worst president we’ve ever had on the issue of journalistic freedom.

NY Times’ James Risen: Obama Is ‘Greatest Enemy of Press Freedom in a Generation’


USA Today’s Susan Page: Obama administration most ‘dangerous’ to media in history


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US economic growth is all an illusion

Are we tumbling into the abyss? No and thank God. I remember this time in 2008 all too well. That fall is seared into my memory. I will never forget it. From Northern Rock in the UK to Madoff’s arrest to Santelli’s call to arms, I remember it all, in detail. We are not in that place today.

But Lord knows we aren’t healthy. Jobs are being created – kind of – but they are to a large degree part time jobs.

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(Official) Lying will continue until no longer tolerated by public

We teach our children to be honest. Perhaps it’s time to teach our “leaders.”

It’s true. We the American people tolerate obvious lying by our public officials. There have been a string of bold faced lies told to the public by the CIA, NSA, IRS, and the State Department recently and we have let the agencies and leadership get away with it. So long as we continue to let things slide we will continue to be lied to.

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Full List of Obamacare Tax Hikes

Source: @MyCancellation

Obamacare was crafted in the back rooms of Congress. Congressional staffers and industry lobbyists scribbled away, writing the massive law deep into the night, night after night.  Everyone wanted to make sure they got what they wanted. The insurance industry and Big Pharma made sure they got new mandates forcing Americans to buy their products. The politicians got lots and lots of new taxes wedged skillfully into the nooks and crannies of the bill.

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How to get fired from Fox News in under 5 minutes, Judge Napolitano breaks down the crony system we now live in.

Judge Napolitano said this on his show Freedom Watch 2 years ago and was soon unceremoniously shown the door.* It is a blistering critique of a system which is based to a large extent on lies of an almost unfathomable scale, the emotional manipulation of an American people into clubs (red or blue), and wholesale cronyism at the highest levels. Download this video to your brain because it is a classic speech and one I am glad I was reminded of tonight.

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