Why in the world does Twitter consider THIS “sensitive material”?

We did a similar story on this sort of thing a few months ago but in light of the recent Facebook flap over “conservative” news we thought we’d post another one about Twitter.

In my Tweetdeck feed this tweet came through tonight. I don’t follow this person. He just used a hashtag I follow.

I decided to see what was so offensive that it needed a trigger warning so I clicked on “view content.”

This is what the uncensored tweet looked like.

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Are pictures of Judge Napolitano considered “sensitive material” by Twitter? (At least this one particular picture?)

I am going to guess that there is a simple answer to this. One which isn’t ridiculous. But I did stumble across this a moment ago and was surprised.

Twitter has a setting which censors “offensive material,” porn, murder scenes, other graphic content, and I am actually OK with this. Twitter is a private company and can censor what it wants (though if it really censored content it would affect the value of the company) and one can opt out of this censorship anyway.

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Adventures in the Trump Twittersphere (Social media has changed politics and has made politics much more – small ‘d’ – democratic)

A pretty evenhanded bit of analysis of Trump, his followers, and social media from of all outlets, The New York Times.

I founded (and still run) Exelorix Consultants which initially helped small and medium sized businesses figure out what to do in social media. I founded it in early 2009 before many people had seen social media’s potential, especially from a business standpoint. For a couple of years I actually had to convince many business owners that social media was even important.

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Welcome to Jun, the town that ditched bureaucracy to run on Twitter

In 2009 I founded a company (of one, me) called Exleorix which focuses on how businesses (and others) can use social media effectively. It warms my heart to see this story.

Believe it or not we are just getting started with social media. There are many areas where it will grow further. Virtual reality plus social media is right around the corner.

The idea that social media can be used to cut through red tape is exactly the kind of idea which inspired me 6 years ago.

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Big Brother is Watching: The government wants to study ‘social pollution’ on Twitter

This isn’t new but it deserves attention. Much of life, and especially political life is engaged in online these days. It’s no surprise that the government is interested in controlling what goes on there.

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Not Only Will Facebook Pay No ($0) Taxes for 2012, It Will Actually Get a Refund for $429 Million

I have no problem with Facebook. In fact I like Facebook. I use it personally to chat with interesting people from around the world every day. It makes my life better, which is what a product should do.

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