Report cites “utter incompetence”: As Recalls Mount, Was It Worth Bailing Out the ‘Old GM’?

No it was not. There are a few union members who made out like bandits and a few more senior managers who got to keep their very generous pensions. It was worth it for the president because he was able to sway Michigan and Ohio by convincing people the auto bailout was for them. But for the rest of us, the world would be better off if GM had died in 2009.

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Something Went ‘Very Wrong’ at Government Motors CEO Says

We are just beginning to get the story on why vehicles were not recalled to GM when they should have been. That the vehicles involved might have shown the government sponsored car manufacturer in a bad light had nothing to do with the slow response of course.

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Another Government Coverup To Protect GM?

GM at this point should be GMC, Corvette, and Cadillac. These make make sense. There are customers for them and the quality of the cars is nearly that of Japanese and German autos. Cadillac particularly has made tremendous strides. It’s no Mercedes Benz or even BMW, but it has gotten consistently better over the last 10 years. The bumpers don’t fall off anymore. (Remember the Coupe Deville?)

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Labor Corporatism Fails In Volkswagen Union Vote

One of my favorite VWs. I had one in college that wasn’t as cool as this.


Why do you think it was that Volkswagon actually supported the unionization of its workers in its Chattanooga plant? (The workers voted against unionization.)  Might it be that there was something in it for the company?

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GM got bailout, Can’t be profitable in the USA (Surprise!) Quietly shifts many operations to China

The GM bailout was really a bailout for the United Auto Workers and their pensioners. A solid pro-Obama constituency the unions were given a colossal gift courtesy of the American taxpayer. A company which made terrible products for decades and which paid its workers much too much, got to live another day because Obama knew he needed to win the northern Midwest in 2012.

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Government Motors sponsors U.S. Chamber ‘free enterprise tour’

That’s right, GM, General Motors, the car company which was nationalized, is sponsoring a “free enterprise tour.”

Look GM, you have embraced crony capitalism at every turn. Don’t you even think for a moment that you can associate yourself with honest business, with free enterprise.

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How Obama handed GM and Chrysler to the UAW (hammering investors and taxpayers in the process.)

GM and Chrysler could have gone bankrupt and life would have gone on. In fact they would probably be better companies today if they had gone bankrupt in the traditional (and legal) way. They would be leaner, meaner, and more competitive.

They would have been restructured and there would have been some disruption to be sure but investors would not have been tossed aside for votes and the American taxpayer would not be on the hook for gratuitous pensions and health benefits.

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VP Biden Says the System Is Rigged, It Is But Not In the Way He Says

In the attached article Marc Thiessen at AEI calls Vice President Biden out on the following statement:

“Stated simply, we’re about promoting the private sector. They’re about protecting the privileged sector. We’re a fair shot, and a fair shake.… And ultimately that’s what this election is all about. It’s about a choice. A choice between a system that’s rigged, and one that’s fair.”- Joe Biden

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Michigan For Sale: GM Puts Taxpayers $16 Billion “In the Hole”

Today is the Michigan primary and the Auto Bailout, or more accurately the UAW Bailout is front and center.  This reasonably even-handed (for mainstream news) article in the USA Today takes a close look at the massive government intervention.

It shows in a limited way the troubling nature of such heavy-handed government involvement in industry. But the article also is full of pro-bailout nonsense such as this:

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