Euro depression is ‘deliberate’ EU choice, says former Bank of England chief

The EU is an experiment which is in deep crisis. An onslaught of refugees which is forcing countries within the European Union members to deal with the flow on an ad hoc basis instead of as a federation, the continuing economic struggles in much of the “periphery” of the continent, and the real possibility of the UK leaving the Union have called the future of Europe into question.

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Putin’s agents accused of killing Litvinenko left polonium radiation in British embassy

Image: Times of London

We often say that China is the Ultimate Crony Capitalist State, but Russia is right there with China when it comes to cronyism. Putin’s Russia is a strongman’s realm. With Putin as capo di tutti capi his underlings, his cronies, exploit the state and economy for amazing wealth. So long as they stay in the good graces of Putin they get to enjoy it. It’s not unlike the royal systems of old and no doubt Putin sees himself at least as much czar as president.

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A Leftist Lets It Slip: All Your Money Belongs To Government

I almost didn’t post this headline because the term “leftist” is used in a pejorative sense. That is not terribly constructive.

But the article itself is important. The author reports on a statement made by the new UK Labour Party’s economic flag bearer who said that the money one earns isn’t actually one’s money. You don’t actually pay taxes so much as give the government back its property. Essentially he is saying that your ability to feed and clothe your family,

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Vox writer calls American Revolution ‘a monumental mistake’

Look, there are a whole lot of people who want to be ruled. They crave it. They want to be managed. They need to be told what to do. And by God they want others to live under the same yoke.

What kind of pathetic person makes the case for colonial domination, and then tries to couch such an argument in “progressive” terms? A particularly gutless fellow I’d say.

Someone who would prefer to be a subject,

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In perhaps an “unprecedented” move UK joins Chinese rival to World Bank as a founding member

This is a big deal and reflects the profound lack of confidence the world has with the current global banking regime. That Britain would do this, in spite of our general objection, is very significant.

As we have said in the past, an important thing to watch for is the moment the dollar is no longer the “world reserve currency.” When that happens the game fundamentally changes. We can’t print forever any longer and the reality of the market hits.

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WhatsApp and iMessage could be banned under new surveillance plans (We must give up more of our liberty because of terrorists)

Another terrorist attack and another liberty grab by politicians. It’s like clockwork. Some tragedy happens and some busybody uses it as an opportunity to take yet more freedom from everyday people.

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