Post-BREXIT Britain has world’s ‘top economy’

The predictions by the “remain” camp prior to the Brexit vote were dire. A “leave” vote would trigger a recession in the UK if not the world. Companies would pack up and leave Britain for the EU en masse. Life as Britons knew it would end.

In a sense the fear mongers were right. Life did change for Britons, but for the better.

I wonder why the economy would react positively to the prospect of being cut loose of the crony monster in Brussels?

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Tony Blair, PM of another era, says BREXIT can be stopped

(From The Telegraph)

He added: “I could’ve held one (a referendum) in 2005 and lost one. When we thought we were going to have to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, I thought that was a very, very open question as to whether we were going to win or not.

“What it shows you [is] that if you put this decision to people like this in a referendum, I think at any point in time in the last 30 years you could have got that result.”

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Euro ‘house of cards’ to collapse, warns ECB prophet

The European Union is eroding from its periphery and it is collapsing in pieces even in Germany and France. It is highly fragile and if real recessionary winds blow the EU will start to crumble at a faster pace.

We say the faster, the better.

The bureaucrats are clinging to the dream, but the dream has morphed into something very different for many in Europe. We can’t say that we’re disappointed.

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KASSAM: UKIP Doesn’t Need ‘Forward Thinking’ – It Needs Someone With The B*llocks To Smash The Establishment

Indeed the Brexit result is a time to press the accelerator not to coast and to seek “consensus.” There will be a time for consolidation but that moment is farther down the political road. Pick your way carefully. But keep pressing on while the lines have been breached. Don’t even think of treaty at this point. There will be time for that.

Surely Brexit was deeply divisive. And not just in Britain. But Brexit, the rejection of the European Union superstate and bureaucratic aristocracy is a win for liberty,

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Digby Jones On Brexit: “The great British public have put their democratic freedom ahead of money.” (VIDEO)

Yes and no. The public in voting to leave the EU did stare down the fear mongers in the banks, unions, government, and media which told them that the world would explode if Briton dared think for itself. So yes, in that way.

But also no. I think many Britons know that the EU is a sinking ship in many respects and think their economic prospects over the medium to long term are much better without Brussels holding them back.

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Soros Suffers Major Loss On Long Pound Trade Ahead Of Brexit

Brexit has hit the crony class hard.

The cronies, on Wall Street, the City of London, Washington, London, Brussels, and pretty much everywhere are not used to getting punched square in the jaw. They like their fights rigged (for them). However the connected cronyweights got absolutely clocked on Thursday.

A knockout punch? No, but a deep, jarring, resonating blow to be sure. Call it a pounding.

Now the real fight begins.

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Brexit crushes the big banks, other stocks

Image: Screengrab from CNBC video

This is called “an excuse.” People wanted to sell, they saw a big fat excuse to sell in Brexit, and so they have. (Some were just sure that Brexit wouldn’t happen and were simply forced to sell.) Smart people are also prudently looking to buy. But one way or another life will go on and the world will adjust. The big banks just got socked and that is a good thing.

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UK Politics, EU Referendum: Massive swing to Brexit – with just 12 days to go

This is excellent news. And what may appear as a purely European and British issue is not. It is vitally important for those of us in the States also. A rejection of the EU by the UK is a rejection of the deeply crony political system which has metastasized in Brussels. If the Brits choose to leave the EU it will be a rebuke of the bureaucratic technocratic culture which has emerged on both sides of the Atlantic since the end of the Cold War.

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Business support for Brexit grows as David Cameron looks increasingly desperate, says ISIS wants UK to vote Brexit

If Britain votes to leave the European Union next month it will be a victory for anti-crony forces in the world, which is to say most people in the world. It will be the first time the expansionist technocratic European attempt at a superstate will have been rebuked in a way Brussels can’t dismiss.

However, most of the big power players want the UK to stay in the EU to make life easier for them. The big banks want the UK to stay.

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