Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire

Image: VL World News, Petro Porshenko Ukraine’s president

There is a weird “order” setting up post Trump. There’s the “we don’t like the European Union, TPP, United Nations” camp. And then there is the old, some would say “globalist” camp, centered in Brussels and generally supported by the old political establishment in the USA.

There are very interesting geopolitical shifts happening right now.

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Politico: Obama took office vowing to end America’s wars. Now we’re in at least 5.

I love that Politico says that we are in “at least 5” wars. You know, because maybe 1 or 2 aren’t really wars technically, or the American public doesn’t really know about them, whatever. At least 5.

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Crony capitalism highlighted on the cover of The Economist

Though we gave a mixed review to The Economist’s Index of Crony Capitalism, we are very pleased that such an index now exits even if it is flawed. (Too much focus on billionaires, not enough focus on broader more middle class crony capitalism. The index also encourages the idea that crony capitalism, which is created by regulation to a large degree, can be regulated away.)

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‘Young Americans for Liberty’ Aim to Be Players in 2014 Elections

As we have said before we believe that the libertarian movement is the most important movement in American politics right now, perhaps for more than a generation. It is also arguably the most important movement in world politics.

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