United Nations to open lobby shop in DC with Obama’s blessing

“Nothing says ‘human rights’ more than bureaucrats sitting in a new office,”

The last thing we need is a UN “embassy” in Washington DC. Particularly one which will be driven by the deeply corrupt Human Rights Council. The council is believe it or not currently chaired by Saudi Arabia. That’s right, that Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi Arabia Elected Chair of UN Human Rights Council Panel

When I think “champion of human rights” I always think of Saudi Arabia. What with the public beheadings and women not being allowed to drive cars and all. Oh, and being gay is punishable by death too.

We wonder if Pope Francis will address the issue of the Saudis at the head of Human Rights Council panel when he speaks at the UN later this week? Sadly, he probably won’t.

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Rand Paul Says He’d Be “Happy” to Dissolve the U.N.

The United Nations is one of the most crony organizations on earth. The place is chock full of them. Like well paid diplomatic sardines in a tin. If the UN were to go away I don’t think many in this country would cry. I for one would pop a bottle of champagne.

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German Euro Founder Calls For ‘Catastrophic’ Currency To Be Broken up

The euro was originally created as a counter balance to the US dollar. The yen was in the end too small to effectively challenge the greenback and China had not yet come roaring onto the world stage. The goal was to remove the US currency’s sole “reserve currency” status.

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Economic Ignorance in High Places

The UN has just issued a report calling for a wealth tax on “billionaires” to increase foreign aid to poor countries.

The report claims the money will help the world’s poor. But empirical evidence suggests that foreign aid given to governments does not help the world’s poor. Indeed much of foreign aid ends up in the off-shore bank accounts of the crony capitalists running the poor country’s government.

Even if aid were not siphoned off by kleptocratic rulers,

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