LA Times: Remember all those left-wing pundits who drooled over Venezuela?

First The Washington Post sounds halfway rational on the minimum wage issue. And now this from the LA Times?

Remember folks, and this is one of the few economic/political axioms out there, socialism always fails because it is based on falsehood fundamentally. Particularly false PRICES. And the degree to which socialism fails (eventually) correlates directly to the amount of socialism instituted. The bigger the socialism, the bigger the ultimate failure.

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The Socialists Cling to Power: Venezuela National Guard Runs Over Protesters (VIDEO)

Venezuela should be a rich – or at least a relatively rich country. But 2 decades of socialism have eroded the economy. Now, as the regime clings to power it’s running over protesters. We shouldn’t be surprised but we should be aware.

The people will most likely bring Maduro and his Chavista allies down. But there may be be blood, more blood, on the way to this result.

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