Top 10 Clueless Celebrity Statements about Hugo Chávez’s “Revolution”

Chavismo, the Venezuelan experiment in socialism is imploding in an ugly way. (Is there any other way for a society to implode?) People are hungry. The lights don’t work. Crime is off the charts. They can’t even make beer in Caracas anymore. And that is truly a desperate situation. Socialism without alcohol really is a horrible fate.

But just a few years ago many a privileged celebrity sang the praises of the “brave”

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As hunger stalks Venezuela, government encourages city-dwellers to start planting

Apartment friendly potatoes.

Gardens are almost always a good idea. In a country like Venezuela which for the most part is quite verdant naturally and which has a completely dysfunctional economy this is especially the case.

Of course for urbanites (and a good part of the Venezuelan population is urban) to revert to subsistence farming is a challenge to say the least. Venezuela is in desperate need of economic liberalization. It is in desperate need of new leadership.

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Clinton Adviser, Nobel Prize Winning Economist Endorsed Venezuelan Socialism

Oh, there’s a whole crew of Americans who were/are on the wrong side of this one. It would be sweet to see them sweat if it weren’t for the suffering of the Venezuelan people. (A country which should be rich.)

Viva la libertad! Viva Venezuela!

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Socialismo: Live from Venezuela: Hyperinflation, Murder Capital of the World (VIDEO)

This is a unique dispatch. Anarcho-capitalists report from the heart of socialist Venezuela, a pretty risky endeavor.

The video is raw. Much of it is in Spanish. But this is real on the ground insight. The guy doing this must be a little bit nuts – thankfully. Kudos.

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Socialism fails yet again in Venezuela: Looting breaks out as inflation rises, bread disappears

The French Revolution (and others) was tied to hyperinflation and a shortage of wheat. When people are hungry they get desperate. There is no reason why anyone should be hungry in Venezuela. It’s a verdant country. Yet the socialists have so mismanaged the economy that even here, in a veritable Garden of Eden, people are hungry. Even here, a country which sits on massive oil reserves nearly unrivaled in the world there is not enough energy to keep the lights on.

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Venezuelan Government Imposes Daily Four-Hour Blackout Nationwide

It takes real work to screw up an economy this bad. When a country which sits on massive energy reserves must cut the lights for 4 hours a day one knows that socialists have got to be running things. In a market economy these issues would be solved pretty quickly or more likely would not happen at all.

But hey, everyone will be equally in the dark. So that’s good.

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Socialismo Fail: Man busted smuggling POWDERED MILK in Venezuela (Pic)

This image is a bit dated. It appears to be from last year. But it still illustrates a great point. Why is anyone getting busted for smuggling milk under any circumstances?

Those damn capitalist opportunists. Those reactionary running dogs. Always seeking to undermine the revolution.

Interestingly this guy was supposedly smuggling subsidized milk OUT of Venezuela. Some seem to think that is somehow worse than smuggling it INTO Venezuela.

The point is milk is being smuggled because of stupid central planning from Venezuela’s government.

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Venezuela Runs Out of Toilet Paper, Achieves True Socialism

If Venezuela’s situation wasn’t so tragic, if there wasn’t so much pain for the people, we’d have to laugh. This happens every time. We’ve been chronicling the demise of socialismo and its crony nature in Caracas for a good while. Toilet paper, soap, beer (beer!) have been in short supply in Chavez’s Bolivarian revolutionary state for quite a long time now.

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FP: The Sad Death of the Latin American Left (Not so sad, the implosion of Venezuelan and Brazilian cronyism is good for the world.)


Socialism is inherently crony. It is a system which is highly centralized and as such encourages the consolidation and then dissemination of wealth (such as it is) and power to vested interests, sometimes quazi-private, (as is the case with Petrobras) often within the government. This is the sad legacy of modern Venezuela and Brazil. (And pretty much all socialist systems.) That these two countries are now failing so spectacularly is to be expected. This is what crony systems do.

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The socialists lose yet ANOTHER ONE in South America

For a while we’ve been reporting on the ebbing of the “pink tide” all across South America. A decade ago socialists took power in Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, and other countries. Now that tide is rapidly going out. Across the continent the leftists are in retreat and leaving a trail of cronyism and just general corruption behind them.

On Sunday the people of Venezuela gave the parliament to the opposition. Yet another win for opponents of “Chavismo.”

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