The socialists lose yet ANOTHER ONE in South America

For a while we’ve been reporting on the ebbing of the “pink tide” all across South America. A decade ago socialists took power in Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, and other countries. Now that tide is rapidly going out. Across the continent the leftists are in retreat and leaving a trail of cronyism and just general corruption behind them.

On Sunday the people of Venezuela gave the parliament to the opposition. Yet another win for opponents of “Chavismo.”

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McDonalds french fries return to “socialist” Venezuela at $113 a serving

It is a large serving though, so keep that in mind.

The central planners in Venezuela have really done a number on their economy. We’ve been following the meltdown there for a while. Slowly but surely the place has fallen apart. No soap. No toilet paper. No french fries. No beer.

That’s right, no beer. At least the last time we checked in the national brewery was on the edge of collapse. 

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Socialism sucks (the life out of an economy): A 90-Year-Old Goes Shopping in Venezuela

¡Viva Socialismo!

Socialism is death. It is sold as life of course. It is sold as a way to get even with those nasty capitalists with their “greed driven” profit motives. A way to bring heaven to earth. Better to let the cronies in government manage things than the people in a free economy. The cronies only have your best interests in mind.

Socialists prey on the ignorant and hopeless.

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Hugo Chávez daughter is the richest individual in Venezuela, report claims (Yay Socialismo!)

“My stock portfolio has gone through the roof! Viva la revolucion!”

This always seems to happen. The socialists at the top of the socialist hierarchy end up with all the loot. Time and time and time again.

What of the proletariat? What of the people?


Invariably socialist countries are also deeply crony. From the Soviet Union, to Hitler’s Germany, to modern China, to even in the “good” socialist countries like Denmark, cronyism is a key part of the system.

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Now it’s serious! Venezuela almost out of beer

Forgive me dear readers.

When socialist countries implode things start disappearing. First it’s meat, then bread, then soap, then toilet paper, and then that absolute necessity of a socialist paradise, booze. Then it’s only a matter of time before people start filling the streets and toppling statues of Lenin, or in this case Hugo Chavez.

Why? Because without alcohol socialism of the kind we see in Venezuela is simply intolerable. Ask anyone who lived in the Soviet Union.

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Venezuela reaches the final stage of socialism: no toilet paper

Whether a state has a more corporatist flavor or a more “socialist” flavor (crony systems typically have both) it is the denial of prices, the denial of reality, which leads ultimately to disaster. If the pricing mechanism isn’t allowed to work distortions in the economy arise. Distortions make the system wobbly, and sooner or later the system is off the rails.

And out of toilet paper.

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Socialists (uni-corporatists) run Venezuela into the ground

Socialism is inherently a crony capitalist system. Basically a true socialist state is a uni-corporate entity. It is a monopoly (more or less) of goods and services (and most importantly force) where the cronies control the means of production. The Soviet Union for instance was basically one giant, very poorly run corporation which killed (often literally) any competitors which challenged it.

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‘Young Americans for Liberty’ Aim to Be Players in 2014 Elections

As we have said before we believe that the libertarian movement is the most important movement in American politics right now, perhaps for more than a generation. It is also arguably the most important movement in world politics.

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What’s Going On In Venezuela in 5 Minutes (Video)

Some people swear that this is all instigated by the CIA. Who knows? It’s possible. But the goververnment in Caracas is so economically clueless that outside instigation doesn’t seem to be neccecary. It looks to be a classic socialist economic implosion to me.

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