Police dispersing protestors at G20 Hamburg Summit (VIDEO)


So are the antifa kids FOR globalism now that Trump is against (to some degree) globalism now? Who knows? Looks like people partying to me mostly. With an earnest political vibe of course.

What I love about these kinds of protests is it’s the same deal. Privileged white kids from the local colleges who feel important marching and chanting with bandanas over their faces (very street fighting man) until – and this happens every time (and I’ve been to a few of these things as an observer) –

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Newt Gingrich explains (in his view) why Director Comey needed to be fired (VIDEO)

Having watched the Obama Justice Department up close for most of its existence, Newt is absolutely correct. People need to be held accountable for what happened during those years and Director Comey is not the one to do this – obviously.

*Please dismiss the “Most important video you’ll see all day” bit. It’s embedded in the tweet we reposted. 

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Watch this incredible, rare video of the streets of North Korea’s capital city

A fascinating video of the heart of North Korea. Just life in the walled kleptocracy. I would love to know what the people walking on the street do all day. How does their day go? What music do they listen to? What food do they eat?

Anyway, some of our nerdier readers will probably enjoy.

Click here for the article from VOX.

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No Video for You! : China bans user generated unofficial video on the Internet

The Chinese Communist Party sees clearly the power of social media and it is trying to jam that genie back into the bottle. And as the fake “fake news” campaign, and Ms. Clinton’s “deplorables” statement  has shown, the Chinese powers that be aren’t the only ones who see social media as something that needs to be controlled.

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Dave Chappelle tells some serious truth about Northeastern “liberals” and the reality of the Trump election on Saturday Night Live (VIDEO)

Let me say from the outset that I am a Dave Chappelle fan. I have been for a long time. The reason? He tells real truth often to people who refuse to hear the truth. This skit should be added to his Greatest Hits.

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Clip from HYPERNORMALIZATION a new documentary from BBC/VICE, How much of your reality is manipulated? (VIDEO)

OK, I am not usually one to buy into dystopian gloom. And I certainly haven’t here. I’ve watched multiple clips from this film and some of it is overly negative, a good bit of it is. But in this clip some very interesting points are made and questions raised. This particular clip at least is worth a view.

How did the media, the politicians, the establishment get it so wrong on Brexit? (Other things?) To what degree have algorithms in social media encouraged people to live in echo chambers divorced from reality?

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