Iowa GOP cancels straw poll (The establishment of the party is afraid)

Oh golly gee, I wonder why? Could it be that the party favorite(s) had little support and would be embarrassed and potentially disadvantaged by such a straw poll? Could it be that those opposed to the party establishment would likely do very well in such a straw poll?


This stinks. It reminds me of Tampa 2012.

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Your life recorded by government: How the NSA converts spoken words (from phones, voice over IP) into searchable text

As the cost of data processing and data storage approaches zero nearly everything about our lives will be – basically already is – recorded for perpetuity somewhere.

Some people don’t seem to have a problem with this. They fear “terrorism” so much that they gladly hand over their privacy, their very lives, to the government.

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If you think your TV is spying (on you)…it probably is

We reported on this a while ago. Your smart TV is really really smart. Like approaching HAL smart. And it’s listening to you.

Thankfully it’s not self aware yet but we’ve got to see what happens with the next software update.

“Dave. Can I turn on the SciFi Channel for you? Or perhaps a game of chess…”

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Is Government About to Throw Charity Under the Bus?

Unfortunately, that appears to be the case. We hope you will immediately write Congress and tell them to stop—there may not be much time. By hitting the Action Alert button, you will find it easy to sign a petition that will be sent to your senators and congressional representative. Action Alert!

Don’t Let Congress and the President Kill the Charitable Deduction! Charities—and the people charities help—depend on it for survival!

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