HIDDEN CAM: NYC Democratic Election Commissioner, “I think there’s a lot of voter fraud.” “They Bus People Around to Vote”

This is a remarkable video and everyone, Republican, Libertarian, Democrat and other should watch it. A New York City Democratic Election Commissioner admits that there is serious fraud in New York (shock!), and that voter ID is a reasonable thing to ask.

I will say, that from this clip anyway, it appears that New York City is actually pretty fortunate to have this guy. He has got to be the most reasonable New York City Democratic Party boss that there has ever been.

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The non-citizen voter fraud disaster

Heck, why not 3 times?

I have to tell you, the election is rolling up on us pretty quickly and I’d say we’ve got a real voter fraud problem on our hands. One that could undermine the very legitimacy of the system.

We’ve seen bits and pieces of what is going on lately but one can pretty safely assume that there is MUCH more going on on the voter fraud front than we know about.

Yet we’ve been told for years that voter fraud isn’t a problem.

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Illegal Voters Uncovered in Philly Are ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

Yesterday I was listening to Bloomberg in the car when I heard the a reporter say something very curious. He said, and I am paraphrasing, that Trump would have to win the election decisively to overcome his opponent’s “ground game.” In other words, Trump can’t just squeak out a narrow win as even such a win might still translate into a victory for Clinton because of her “ground game.”

It should be noted that many people believe that the only reason JFK became president was because of voter “irregularities”

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No, no, don’t worry. There’s no fraud: 19 dead Virginians just registered to vote

This just happened in the next university town down the road from me in Harrisonburg.  Hardball politics is in the air. I smell it wafting over the mountains.

Somewhere along the way Northern Virginia, populated with lots of government workers and people originally from the Northeast came to dominate my beloved Virginia. Now we have many of the same political problems people north of the Mason Dixon do. Heck we even have Terry McCauliffe, crony extraordinaire as our governor.

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How easy is it to hack voting machines? Pretty easy

People have talked about this for years. Bring the name Diebold (the biggest vote machine company) up with a certain group and one is likely to hear much on how vulnerable voting machines are. But most people have dismissed such talk. They shouldn’t have.

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Why are Dems so concerned about simple voter ID laws?

Look, if one is going to engage in the “democratic process” – and believe it or not I think there is a great case for not voting which I won’t go into – why is it such a big deal to furnish an ID when it comes time to vote for our elected representatives? The Democrats (and as we often say the GOP has plenty of problems of its own) are freaking out all over the country over the issue of voter IDs,

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