How the Democrats Lost Their Way on Immigration (OR: How the Dems sold out the American working class for votes and favor from corporations)

The whole “open borders” stance with the Democrats is new – as is documented in this excellent if ultimately wrong headed article in The Atlantic. When I was growing up it was conservatives – of the economic sort primarily – who called for more immigration. (This was always a point of conflict with socialcons however.) Why restrict human capital as we sought to unleash other types of capital? If there are jobs at a certain wage level why not let people cross the border and fill those jobs?

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Social Security’s looming $32 trillion shortfall (That’s right 32 TRILLION)

But hey, who cares? I mean I’ll be dead by the time Social Security implodes. I paid into it. I want my money. That most people take out far more in Social Security than they put in in a lifetime means nothing to me. I was promised Social Security and darn it I am going to get my check.

The grand kids can figure it out.

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The “sneak it past the rubes” model of governance

Don’t ever forget. There was massive opposition to Obamacare. (And as we’ve seen, these folks were right to have resisted.)

This is a partisan bit of analysis from The Weekly Standard, but I think it is fair. For how the GOP works against the interests of the people just see the post prior to this one.

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How (Public) Unions and Bankers Work Together to Protect Unsustainable Defined Benefits

The pension system for government workers is out of control all across America. Public employees retire on average earlier than private workers and have pensions (remember those?) that pay out at levels the taxpayers can’t sustain. These pensions are for people who for the most part can never be fired and who on average make more than private sector workers doing similar work. Yet as the economic tide goes out and as things become ever tighter, these workers insist that they must be paid by the taxpayers at exorbitant levels–for the rest of their lives.

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