Minnesota state senator proposes a “none of the above” option on the ballot

This is something I think anyone who is fed up with the 2 party system can get behind. I certainly could. The only people who would possibly object to this idea are the hacks in power who feel like they’ve “paid their dues” in the party systems.

I’d vote “none of the above” pretty much every time on a statewide and national level. I’ll bet many many others would too. (That of course is what the parties are afraid of.)

There should be sponsors for similar legislation in every state.

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Dem Rep. Keith Ellison: ‘I’ve Often Asked Myself Why You Should Have to Register to Vote’

Yeah, why should one have to register to vote? I mean it’s such a burden. Why should anyone make any effort whatsoever? Why should people only be able to vote once either?

If we are going to do this voting thing at all I think registering is OK. Heck, I think a picture ID is perfectly reasonable. On the other hand I think there is a good case for checking out all together. Just not a GOOD ENOUGH case.

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Why are Dems so concerned about simple voter ID laws?

Look, if one is going to engage in the “democratic process” – and believe it or not I think there is a great case for not voting which I won’t go into – why is it such a big deal to furnish an ID when it comes time to vote for our elected representatives? The Democrats (and as we often say the GOP has plenty of problems of its own) are freaking out all over the country over the issue of voter IDs,

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