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World Economy Worst in Two Years, Europe Darkening, Deflation Lurking: Global Investor Poll

Indeed. Europe is pretty much in depression. So is Japan. (But so what’s new?) And by the way deflation is not necessarily a bad thing. We had mild price deflation through the most prosperous part of American history between the Civil War and the Fist World War. Things should naturally trend toward being less expensive as innovation increases, delivery streamlined, and competition increases.- Just had to get that in.

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US spends $7 billion to eradicate opium crop, Crop 50% bigger in 2014 than in 2012

Rest assured that none of the $7 billion dollars went directly to war lords and other avowed enemies of the United States. I am sure the money didn’t go to fund new “deep wells” which enable poppy cultivation in previously inhospitable places, or to finance the transport of heroin into Europe, China, and North America.

Nope. That money, that taxpayer money, was money well spent.

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Rand Paul: “These Barnacled Enablers Have Never Met A War They Didn’t Like” (Video)

It’s true. There is a predisposition toward war in the official corridors of Washington DC now. But this country was supposed to mind its own business. That was a founding principal.

We are about to make another mistake in the Middle East because our president (and nearly everyone else in DC) took the bait ISIS set. But let’s be honest, our “leaders” wanted to take the bait. Obama and McCain have been miffed ever since the people rose up and kept them from bombing Syria about this time last year.

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Coulter to Libertarian-Voting Republicans: I Want to ‘Drown You’

Is it possible that Anne Coulter’s cocktail dresses are cutting off oxygen to her brain? Is it possible that Ms. Coulter is just naturally a busybody who despises libertarians because she can’t help but stick her nose into other people’s business? Is it possible that Ms. Coulter is little more than a partisan hack with little philosophical meat to her positions?

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War on “ISIS” falling apart? Sen Corker’s takedown of Sec State Kerry, left Barbara Boxer “Shaking and Trembling” (Video)

Wow, things just got really weird in the Senate Intelligence Committee, and awesome. I am very pleased to see this. I think the move on ISIS is a political one and that is just tragic. It will be more tragic if we go in there. Obama has no legitimacy at this point domestically and has even less in the overseas arena. Frankly the administration appears willing to sacrifice the lives of Americans so that it can keep the Senate.

Yeah, I said it.

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