As we said was likely, the Bushite NEOCONS and the Democrats are joining forces.

We predicted this would happen. As the conservative/libertarian coalition has expanded the neocons have looked for new friends in the Democratic Paty. (Really they are just reuniting.)

The Neoconservatives – actual conservatives MUST understand – are not conservatives at all. They are a small but powerful group of big government (both domestic and abroad) “Republicans” (they originally were Democrats) lodged in Washington who believe that for there to be “progress”

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Audit the Pentagon before we increase defense spending by tens of billions

What a novel idea! Maybe we should figure out where we are wasting billions and billions of dollars before we start spending billions and billions more. I know it’s a crazy notion, but maybe we should give it a shot. I mean it’s only our money right?

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House members seek to block proposed arms sales to Saudi Arabia

The Saudis aren’t good guys and they’ve cozied up to Trump.

From a strategic perspective one can’t blame them. Iran looms across the Persian Gulf and Shiite Muslims (The Saudis are Sunni.) are on the rise across the region from Lebanon, through what is left of Syria, and into Iraq. To the south there is also Shiite (partly) Yemen where Saudi Arabia is waging a war. The Saudi royal family is feeling some heat.

Of course the Saudi royal family should feel some heat.

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“Chaos” at the White House? – Forget “The Art of the Deal”, Trump should read “The Art of War”

It is true that much of the “deep state” wants Trump gone. It wanted Hillary Clinton and assumed that Hillary Clinton would win. When that didn’t happen, wheels – it appears – went quickly into motion. Add an #oldmedia that was a clear Clinton ally during the election, feels like it has something to prove as a result, and is basically a wing of the Democratic Party anyway working actively with the deep state and one can see the challenges facing the Trump White House.

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Bannon out, Neocons in, Bushite Elliot Abrams pitches himself to Trump (again) in Politico

“Step one, says Elliott Abrams: Get rid of Steve Bannon.

“He’s not a good influence on the president,” Abrams, no man to mince words, tells me. Having the White House’s chief political strategist on the National Security Council “was a terrible mistake,” and booting him was a good start to what needs to happen. A giant smile spreads across his face at the thought of Bannon being forced out of the White House completely.

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