Mad Dog Mattis: Iraq was probably a “mistake”

This is encouraging. He sounds reasonable. (This does not surprise me.) His job was to do what the President said. The military is part of the Executive Branch. The President is the Commander in Chief. But this snippet of candor recorded at a 2015 conference sheds a little light on the man and it is welcome. Especially as he will likely be our new Secretary of Defense.

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Arrogance: This video is precious. Watch all the super confident celebrities declaring emphatically that Donald Trump won’t be president

I’m sorry “liberal” fans of ACC but this is too great not to share with our readers. My bet is that many Americans are taking note of who said what in this video.

I so wish I had been at an election night party in the Hollywood Hills with some of these folks. Man, that would have been entertaining. Everyone on their phones calling their therapists and dealers.

The last clip from Obama is just fantastic.

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Larry Summers Blasts Trump Carrier Deal

Excellent article! But look who wrote it!

In his Washington Post article, Summers argues for capitalism operating under a rule of law that applies to everyone, not a capitalism that is based on “deals” with government. We agree. The only problem is that coming from Summers it is the height of hypocrisy.

Summers favors policies that put government more and more in control of the economy, which is a sure recipe for crony capitalism.

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Forget Fidel Castro’s policies. What matters is that he was a dictator (The Alt-Left needs to get real)

Actually I’d say we need to remember his policies too, which were horrific. But point taken.

(From The Guardian)

Castro was an authoritarian. As JFK said of the revolutionaries: “They promised individual liberty and free elections. They promised an end to harsh police-state tactics. They promised a better life for a people long oppressed by both economic and political tyranny. But in the two years since that revolution swept Fidel Castro into power,

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