We need to know the algorithms the government uses to make important decisions about us

Good luck getting that information.

If one is in high school right now and one is considering which career path to take I strongly suggest learning how to write and manipulate algorithms. Our world is already deeply influenced by algos, from our social media to our grocery purchases. Their importance in our lives will only grow.

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Here’s The Full List Of Organizations That Paid Hillary Clinton From 2013-2015

Here’s the full list in case you haven’t seen it. This doesn’t even include her husband.

Dolla dolla bill ya’ll.

ACC is a completely non-partisan organization. We do not support/endorse or oppose any candidate for office. We believe that both major parties are heavily influenced by special interests and will report on crony capitalism wherever and whenever we see it.

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A collection of VA scandals over the past few years (Too many to list in one post)

This is not exhaustive but in light of the recent statement by the Veterans Affairs chief comparing waiting for treatment at VA hospitals to waiting in line at Disney World we figured we’d post some of the other VA stories we’ve done relatively recently. The level of dysfunction at the agency is remarkable. This is what “single payer” healthcare looks like, slow, red tape, top heavy crony administration, people dying waiting for treatment.


307,000 veterans died awaiting Veterans Affairs health care,

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58 Percent of Voters Willing To Go With Someone Other Than Trump or Clinton

Winds of change are blowing.

That feels about right. And it should be remembered that the state as we know it is very much a product of the 20th Century. Just as highly centralized, highly hierarchical corporations are. Corporations have been forced to adjust to the new less centralized world (though this is ongoing), governments are just beginning to feel the winds of change.

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Chicago’s Pension-Fund Woes Just Became $11.5 Billion Bigger

The folks in Washington are trying to bail out Puerto Rico with taxpayer money. Watch, as Illinois and other states and cities with massive government sectors and high taxes continue to crumble they will start agitating for their own bailouts. Again I say it’s time to consider carving out the big cities. They seem to hold the rest of the country in contempt anyway. I say let the big government islands bail themselves out if they fail to come to terms with fiscal reality.

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What really happened in the Nevada Democratic Convention (The Video they keep taking down)

As we say all the time, we have no horse in the presidential race or any other race. We endorse no candidate, nor will we ever.

This video is important for all Americans to see, Bernie supporters, Clinton supporters, Trump supporters, Johnson supporters, and everyone else.

What happened at the recent Nevada state Democratic convention sure looks like a railroad job. It reminds me very much of what happened to Ron Paul and his delegates during the 2012 GOP convention.

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Did Paul Ryan just agree to a bailout of Puerto Rico?

As we’ve said before Puerto Rico is Detroit with palm trees. Its massive patronage system, its army of “public” employees and big government generally bankrupted the island. Now the Dems want the government employees to get the pensions for which there is no money, all the while stiffing the people who lent Puerto Rico the money it now owes.

There are pretty much no good guys here. The government workers are to blame. The bondholders knew they were buying sketchy stuff but assumed they’d be indemnified.

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Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld: ‘Taxation is Theft’!

Weld is a legitimate Deadhead too. (Which in my view is a positive.) But is he really a libertyhead? At best the jury is out.

But who knows maybe he’s had a “road to Damascus” moment. People do change and many Republicans have become more libertarian over the years.

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‘Stunning’: EPA had to pay $55K to get child molester to retire

One of the things which drives many of us in the private sector, the productive sector, nuts is the degree to which at least some in the “public” sector are protected even in the face of gross incompetence and even occasional outright criminal behavior. How are we supposed to feel confident about our government when we know that the bureaucracy looks out for itself first and considers serving the citizenry secondary. (If we are lucky.) How can we feel confident about our civil system,

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