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Casino magnate Adelson meets privately with Congressional GOP in effort to revive online gambling ban

Adelson gives huge money to GOP candidates. He is head of Las Vegas Sands, a brick and mortar casino (and corporation). He wants to make sure people keep coming to his casino. Online gambling threatens his casino. As such he is trying to enlist GOP members of Congress in an effort to keep people from gambling at home.

Adelson says it’s a moral thing. That online gambling increases access for kids etc. But this is a guy who has made hundreds of millions from people losing at his casino. He is just trying to shut out the competition.

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de Rugy: What We’re Fighting For and Why

Why care about liberty, crony capitalism, and free enterprise? Why not just go with the flow? Why not just be happy with Boehner and his ilk? Why fight an ideological battle? It’s so messy.

Here’s why.

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Hospital Lobby Continues Effort to Gut Anti-Fraud Provisions

Medicare fraud is widespread. One of the chief beneficiaries of this fraud is the hospital industry. That is why the hospital lobbyists are working to kill the Medicare fraud identification effort, the Recovery Audit Contractor Program. It’s worth $50 billion to the American Hospital Association.

That’s $50 billion of your tax dollars which goes to hospital bottom lines.

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Employment in the USA since 2007 with and without Texas (Chart)

Cheap gas is great. I’m all for it. Seriously $1.90 at the local pump. Fantastic. But pretty much all net “real” jobs created in the US since the onset of the current economic calamity have been as a result of the shale gas revolution and in Texas specifically. The oil plunge has impacted this and Americans should be prepared for it.

It is interesting that according to the attached article Texas alone is the 6th largest producer of crude oil on the planet now. One never hears that in the old media.

It should also be noted that all of this happened while US carbon emissions dropped markedly during the period. One doesn’t hear that either.

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The Party of Small Government: Republican governors across the country are trying to raise taxes

When push comes to shove, it’s easier for many supposedly “conservative” governors to propose a tax increase with supposed benefits for his or her state than it is to simply let people keep their own money. The money they earned.

Whenever we go through these revenue increase phases it is always remarked that it’s been such and such number of years since the last increase so “we’re about due.”

No we’re not. We are not “due.” Just because the state’s piece of the pie hasn’t enlarged in a while doesn’t mean that for some reason it should now.

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