Hillary Clinton Thinks Moral Of ‘1984’ Is That We Should Trust The Government And Media (And Trump’s the “authoritarian”?)

“Are you reading Against Crony Capitalism again? Report to the commissar!”

She has checked out. Let’s not forget that she collapsed right before the election and had to be lifted into her traveling poli-wagon after passing out.

But don’t you wish you could blame this idiocy on physical decline? I do. Sadly she probably has long thought this. Don’t question authority and “experts.” They know best.

We as a country are very fortunate that this woman is not running the show.

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Ex-Delta CEO Bashes Domestic Airlines, Embraces Subsidies (For Amtrak)

That we have a government owned – government owned – passenger rail line in this country really is an affront to what this country is supposed to stand for. Either it should be private, or it should not be. I mean if it’s not profitable why do we have it? Is it just that some members of Congress have a thing for trains and socialism? Well, yes, that is the case. But the Amtrak employees aren’t very keen on privatization either.

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Maxine Waters calls Tucker a racist for asking how she got so rich on a lawmaker’s salary (VIDEO)

I don’t know how we missed this one from July. But it’s a good one. Maxine Waters, Ms. “Putin invaded Korea”, lives in a $4 million dollar home outside of her own district. Tucker simply asks “Where’d the money came from?” She, being Maxine Waters bristled at Tucker’s question.

This is common story. Many politicians seem to magically get rich when they come to Congress. Pelosi, Reid, many others had their portfolios explode once they got to Washington DC.

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Trump Administration Seeks to Avoid Withdrawal From Paris Climate Accord

“See, these people only want what is best for Americans…You can trust them.” 

Trump’s instincts were right on this to begin with. Or maybe they were Steve Bannon’s. Either way they were correct. The Paris Climate Accords should not include the US. We should not agree to the system of global income redistribution (sure to go to cronies in the “developing world”) that is embedded in this “climate” accord.

Climate change is an issue that should be explored and considered.

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Ann Coulter askes – “At this point who doesn’t want Trump impeached?”

Never trust a realtor. Never trust a politician.

We’ll see how all this works out but what folks like Coulter need to understand is that many of the people who elected Trump knew that he was a Democrat, and then an independent, and then a Republican, and then well I don’t remember. But it went something like that. And they knew he might pull something like this. But they wanted Trump to go in and shake things up. Well, if nothing else,

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How Obama’s EPA Nearly Bankrupted John Duarte’s Farm (VIDEO)

Some people fail to comprehend that some of the biggest cronies of all work in government. The bureaucracy is deeply crony. It protects itself. It seeks to expand its budget – provided by taxpayers – always. The bureaucracy is constantly on a quest for power.

Think Exxon is bad? The EPA is probably worse. Much worse.

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So New York has a Communist Mayor, And New York City Democrats just gave him a new lease on political life (Back to the days of the “Rotten Apple”?)

Never ever ever capitulate to people like De Blasio. Fight them without cease. Fight them until they are beaten yet again. Too many people died under Marxism to just let people like De Blasio go around acting like state sponsored theft is OK. And frankly NYC Dems should be ashamed that they gave him the nomination – again. (Did you know he changed his name in 2001?  Better for New York politics to have an Italian last name.)

As we said last week,

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