Crony Capitalism On Parade: The Dem Convention Is One Big Corporate Bribe

It’s not just the Democratic convention. There’s plenty of this sort of thing going on at Republican get-togethers. However, this year, some corporations were afraid to associate themselves with Trump and so the parties at the RNC weren’t as good as usual by some accounts.

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ABC: DNC Email Leak Reveals Perks of Being Big Democratic Donor (VIDEO)

Versailles or Philly?

This is the political class, the crony class. These are the people who live off of the taxpayers. These are the people who think they can run your life better than you can.

And at the end of the video check out the look on the co-anchor’s face. It’s precious.

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Bernie Delegate Speaks Out Against Fake DNC *Seat Fillers* – “The Bernie people are not here, and the people who are are getting paid…” (VIDEO)

The video below is reflective of a theme which has run through this week, “The Revolution Won’t Be Televised.”

The official version of the Dem convention on the mainstream media outlets and the version we see actually coming from the people on the ground at the convention are very different.

Another great report from a citizen journalist.

This was from the previous night.

ACC is a completely non-partisan organization.

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Lobbyists Celebrate Democratic Party’s New (renewed) Embrace at Convention

“Happy days are here again…”

Yes indeed. They are for K Street if Hills gets in the White House. Though Obama has been a ready friend to the lobbyists, banks, and other special interests (which we’ve chronicled extensively in the space) he sort of had to act like he wasn’t. Mostly for style reasons. But with the dawn of the Hillary era, and given the fact that everyone now knows the deal with Ms. Clinton, the lobbyists are shining up their wingtips and starching their collars.

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Poll: for first time, more Republicans support marijuana legalization than oppose it

Good. Sometimes it takes a lot of sunshine to cut through the clouds. Sometimes its has to shine down for years, and then, one day, a break of blue sky.

Illegal marijuana is crony marijuana. Illegal marijuana, or more properly – cannabis – benefits drug dealers, government bureaucrats, the prison systems, the lawyers, and in principle federally illegal pot appears to violate the 10th Amendment of the Constitution, the document so many of us would like to see taken seriously again.

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‘We Don’t Have Time For This!’ – Seth Meyers Slams Bernie-or-Bust Voters For Not Conforming to Party Line

Hey, remember when late night shows were supposed to be funny and not nightly feeds of condescending propaganda? Ah yes, those were the days. Now every late night host wants to be Jon Stewart. It’s almost as if talking points are coming straight from Media Matters the de facto White House ministry of information or something. And we know that that couldn’t be the case.

Do as you are told Bernie people! I said do as you are told!

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Who Pays for the Political Conventions? (Hint: You probably won’t like the answer.)

Hey, everyone likes a party right? And what’s better than a party you have to pay for? A party someone else has to pay for of course!

Sadly most of us aren’t invited to these parties and we are the ones picking up most of the tab, so lose lose for us. (Big corps pony up some of the cost as it is a good chance to show the wonks and delegates how good a corporate partner one can be.

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Charles Hugh-Smith – Why Real Reform Is Impossible: We Can’t Believe the Mighty Titanic Could Actually Sink

This one isn’t an uplifter but it is a sober assessment which deserves attention. Sobriety is a valuable thing, especially when dodging icebergs.

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Julian Assange talks about the DNC “power structure”, how it worked against Bernie, and manipulated the media (VIDEO)

We have no horse in the presidential race.  (Or any race.) There is crony capitalism all over. DNC, RNC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX, Washpo, The Times, Washington, New York, LA, – you get the point. But this leak from Wikileaks, no matter where it came from originally has exposed the inner workings, to some extent, of the American political beast and that is important and valuable for the American people.

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Not Just Debbie: Pelosi Booed by Democratic Delegates in Philly (VIDEO)

“Some people are new, and huh, are not familiar with how things work.” – Nancy Pelosi

Yes Nancy they are NEW. But they are booing you because they KNOW how things work.

So the revolt is in full swing. I figured that the Dem convention would be more interesting than the Republican one and it looks like that is playing out. People are not happy and the old girls club in the Democratic Party looks silly at this point.

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