Pharmaceutical firms paid thousands to attend meetings of panel that advises the FDA on pain killers

Again, marijuana or cannabis, for many an effective, non-opiate (non-physically addictive), nearly free treatment for pain is widely illegal in this country. One can however get a prescription for Oxycodone, aka hillbilly heroin, which is viciously addictive and expensive no problem.  Such opiates are profitable so long as the effective, largely non-addicting, non-stupefying, nearly free option is kept out of the hands of those who want to obey the law.

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The Huge Threat to Capitalism That Republicans Are Ignoring

We had a good article from The Washington Post, and today we’re featuring one from The Atlantic. Have the libertarians infiltrated the mass media? I don’t think so but it’s great to see crony capitalism (the huge threat) being discussed in mainstream periodicals.

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The AMA sets surgery rates which are way above the market rate

How a secretive panel uses data that distorts doctors’ pay

Credit where credit is due. Good job Washington Post, good job.

The American Medical Association is setting the cost of surgery at rates which are way higher than what some people (you know, you, me, anyone who believes in honest pricing) thinks they should be.

And guess what? The rate the AMA sets is the rate at which Medicare pays.

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SEC Subpoenas ‘Political Intelligence’ Firms in a Case of Leaked Information

This is what happens when all the decisions (most anyway) which affect the American economy happen in Washington DC. People with money pay top dollar to know what is going on, and an industry has grown up around this.

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“Progressives” are up in arms, The President proposes a “chained CPI” provision to Social Security

The president has proposed  using something called a “chained consumer price index” for adjustments (which are always up) to Social Security payments. It in theory lessons the current rate of increase. Liberal and progressives are beside themselves. How could President Obama do such a thing?

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Why Is the Left Media Defending Rick Santorum?

At we are for reducing the collusion between the state and business. That is our first concern and it is unlikely that we will ever officially endorse an individual candidate for president.

Saying that, I personally have written some very pro-Ron Paul pieces in this space. I am a fan of the good doctor and I believe he is the only candidate running for the GOP nod who has anything close to a clue as to how to solve the fundamental economic questions which stare this country in the face.

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