Barack Obama’s presidential library may need $1.5 billion

And…Consider this. $1.5 BILLION. If people want to pay for it, so long as it’s not the tax payers, I guess OK.

But it is fitting.

This guy is something else. The chip on his shoulder will never be dislodged. It is hilarious that this is even a thing. You were the PRESIDENT Mr. Obama. You’ve got nothing to prove dude.

But Obama doesn’t understand that. He thinks he does.

Kind of sad actually.

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This jet fighter is a disaster, but Congress keeps buying it (VIDEO)

This is an excellent explanation of how the military industrial complex works. (Or doesn’t for the American taxpayer.)

Kudos to Trump for putting pressure on the defense contractors. He should keep the pressure on. Particularly when it comes to the F-35 which is a giant overpriced works program for retired military. The littoral ship fleet needs close examination also.

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Trump must slay the ‘sacred cow’ of the budget: Defense spending

Sharpen the knives and get to it. It is WAY past time.

The Pentagon is filled to the gills with cronies and crony capitalism. And Republicans have encouraged this “waste and abuse” – this is the kind way of saying it, and it is on a massive scale – for too long. Do the right thing for once Congress. CUT SPENDING especially on the military civilian bureaucracy which is a taxpayer funded gravy train if there ever was one.

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