Ex-Delta CEO Bashes Domestic Airlines, Embraces Subsidies (For Amtrak)

That we have a government owned – government owned – passenger rail line in this country really is an affront to what this country is supposed to stand for. Either it should be private, or it should not be. I mean if it’s not profitable why do we have it? Is it just that some members of Congress have a thing for trains and socialism? Well, yes, that is the case. But the Amtrak employees aren’t very keen on privatization either.

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Trump Administration Seeks to Avoid Withdrawal From Paris Climate Accord

“See, these people only want what is best for Americans…You can trust them.” 

Trump’s instincts were right on this to begin with. Or maybe they were Steve Bannon’s. Either way they were correct. The Paris Climate Accords should not include the US. We should not agree to the system of global income redistribution (sure to go to cronies in the “developing world”) that is embedded in this “climate” accord.

Climate change is an issue that should be explored and considered.

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To get tax cuts keep it simple and be bold

This is key. People don’t like lots of levers and pulleys in their legislation. You know who DOES like the Rube Goldberg machines that pass for laws in this country? Lobbyists. (And their crony sponsors.) The more complex the bill – witness Obamacare – the more opportunities there are for cronies to carve out deals for themselves. The taxpayer is usually the one who loses. Actually the taxpayer is always the one who loses.

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Another Reason Men Don’t Work: Imaginary (Video Game) World More Enjoyable Than The Real World

And virtual reality hasn’t even gotten rolling yet. May God help us.

I am a weird case. I am 41 and enjoy video games on occasion and unlike most people my age I’ve actually spent my entire life with video games. My father was computer engineer who has been a fan of video games since the 1970s. Pong, we had Pong in my house. (I think.) The point is I am not against video games generally.

But the thing is they take too much time (for me) and the time spent playing them doesn’t even accomplish anything.

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Audit the Pentagon before we increase defense spending by tens of billions

What a novel idea! Maybe we should figure out where we are wasting billions and billions of dollars before we start spending billions and billions more. I know it’s a crazy notion, but maybe we should give it a shot. I mean it’s only our money right?

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Cronycare lives on: McConnell, Senate GOP, want to keep the Obamacare insurance company subsidies

Of course they do. The insurance companies aren’t going to be left hanging out in the wind. Those companies fought for that stream of taxpayer money after all. And darn it, the Senate GOP is going to make sure they keep getting it.

Obamacare was crony from the start and it likely will remain so. Now with the GOP’s blessing.

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The real answer to the democracy-killing ‘administrative state’

Most Americans have no real idea of the massive power vested (taken?) in the federal bureaucracy. Sure most people get that agencies enforce laws. But most don’t know that agencies do much more than that, and often create what amounts to law out of thin air via “rules” and “guidance.” Woe to to the business caught up in the bureaucratic net.

This is the “administrative state.” Part of the “deep state.”

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