German State Employee Sacked For Uncovering Refugee Welfare Fraud

It should be remembered that one of the main reasons Merkel has taken the stance she has on large immigration inflows is because Germans are not having children and as such the German welfare state will eventually implode with fewer workers. If however new workers can be imported, then maybe the welfare state can survive for a bit.

But if the German welfare state is stretched to the limit to accommodate the influx of new people does that actually help the unsustainable welfare state or does it hurry its demise?

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Robots and AI might be the last hope for the Danish welfare state

Pay your taxes? OK, right after I beat you at chess.

One of the reasons Angela Merkel has been so welcoming to the Middle Eastern refugees is because she needs bodies, people, workers, to keep the welfare state alive. Much of Europe long ago stopped having babies. Now as the baby boomers hit retirement they realize that someone has to pay the welfare state bills. In Denmark there’s hope that robots will do it.

OK. That doesn’t seem a desperate hope.

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Sweden: ‘No Apartments, No Jobs, No Shopping Without a Gun’ (Pay attention newly minted American “socialists”)

Though we give Sweden a hard time often we do like the country. Volvos, Saabs, Ikea, Swedish meatballs, Abba, all things to be proud of. But the socialist Utopia is seeing a real threat now with the current crush of “refugees” entering the country.

It should be noted that Sweden has a population of only 9.6 million people, which is slightly less than the population of North Carolina. The cozy socialist system, a closed system in many regards,

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Ron Paul: Greece Today, America Tomorrow?

By Ron Paul

The drama over Greece’s financial crisis continues to dominate the headlines. As this column is being written, a deal may have been reached providing Greece with yet another bailout if the Greek government adopts new “austerity” measures. The deal will allow all sides to brag about how they came together to save the Greek economy and the European Monetary Union. However, this deal is merely a Band-Aid, not a permanent fix to Greece’s problems. So another crisis is inevitable.

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Do Americans hate their own founding principles? Economist Walter E. Williams says yes

I have long been a fan of Professor Williams. His arguments are compelling. He is an enemy of crony capitalism and friend of liberty. If you don’t know him I highly encourage you to read his work.

The attached interview is a very worthwhile listen.

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On just an inflation-adjusted basis, (government) collects 35,000 times (in taxes now than at the founding of the US)

With regard to government there is no issue with revenue, except that the collectors take too much of it. We are taxed far far beyond what is reasonable. The only people who likely think that we are not are either those who are not taxed (for the most part), those for whom taxation has little impact on their lifestyle, or those for whom taxes are a circular flow – government employees.

How much better would your life be if you could keep the money which goes for just your income tax?

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There is no “free lunch” and there is no “free” community college either

“I mean it’s free for some people. Other people are going to have to pay. But they don’t pay enough anyway. Am I right?”

When the president says that he wants the government to pay for everyone to go to 2 years of community college what he is really saying is that he wants you to pay for everyone to go to community college. There is no “free” college. There is no “free” anything. Everything has a cost and I have to pay for college for 3 kids of my own in the not so distant future already.

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Ron Paul: All I want for Christmas is a (real) government shutdown

If only.

By Ron Paul

The political class breathed a sigh of relief Saturday when the US Senate averted a government shutdown by passing the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill. This year’s omnibus resembles omnibuses of Christmas past in that it was drafted in secret, was full of special interest deals and disguised spending increases, and was voted on before most members could read it.

The debate over the omnibus may have made for entertaining political theater,

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The young can’t fund the old. Our entitlement state no longer works. This is perhaps the West’s greatest challenge.

How much student debt do you think this guy carried? If he ever carried any it was unlikely the kind of sum kids are graduating with now. Do you think he benefited from a generally rising stock market and economy during the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s? He looks pretty well fed and well dressed. But “hands off” HIS Social Security. Your security is less important however.

When I was in college one of the first op-eds I ever wrote was on Social Security in the college newspaper.

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Is Sweden a model for the United States? It has universal school choice, that’s pretty good.

Swedish models.

Sweden, as the attached video explains is like a club or a small town. Everyone speaks the same language (which is only spoken in Sweden). People share the same religion. They share, for the most part the same ethnicity. So the Swedish welfare state model is a cozy one without much of the pluralistic strife endemic to the United States or for that matter other countries like India or Brazil.

Everyone knows your name in Sweden,

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If you live in these states you have a 1 in 5 chance of being on food stamps

For a large swathe of the middle of the country the recession lingers on big time. But a couple of other things to consider as we look at these numbers is the degree to which food stamps have become deeply ingrained in the very culture of some areas, and also the degree to which a low cost of living in some parts means that a larger portion of the population qualifies for such assistance. The two factors probably compound each other.

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George Will on Tax Day: Americans ‘should feel ashamed,’ not sorry for themselves (VIDEO)

I can’t argue with Will on this. We should be ashamed of ourselves. We have allowed profligate spending. We borrow to pay our current bills. We elect people who year after year expand government and who pass laws which reduce our liberty and fundamentally our very humanity. It is we who have allowed this to happen.

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