Charles Koch: We are doling out welfare for the wealthy

For decades “conservatives” have bemoaned welfare generally, but most of the attention has been on conventional welfare for the poor. And this area of public policy deserves more scrutiny and radical reform. The welfare laws in this country are seriously messed up and have done much to erode the underpinnings of American society. We have created a taxpayer subsidized underclass in this country.

But conservatives have, at least until now, largely ignored the subsidized “overclass” which has emerged in recent years.

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Welfare Is the Highest Paying Entry-Level Job in 38 States

If one is trying to get people employed incentivising unemployment isn’t wise. It is however politically great for those who are for a large government. So long as the main part of a person’s income comes from welfare one can rest reasonably assured that such a person will vote for more government.

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The rich get government handouts just like the poor. Here are 10 of them. (This is actually a terrible list)

The point here is that there is some effort to make welfare recipients go through drug testing etc., and that this is humiliating. So we should focus on the welfare the rich get too.

I’m for that.

Thing is this list, almost completely, lists tax DEDUCTIONS as “handouts.”

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Can Boeing Sway Reauthorization for Export-Import Bank?

Making sure that Ex-Im is not reauthorized later this year is important. No one who believes in free enterprise should be for a bank funded and guaranteed by taxpayers which loans loans at below market rates for the benefit of a few large corporations. (Many of the “small businesses” the bank touts as clients are actually parts of larger corporations.) The Republicans in Congress who hold sway on this issue say that they are for free enterprise.

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Meet Hillary’s (Corporate) Welfare Queens

The Clintons are plenty familiar with big business. They know how to leverage relationships in the corporate world about as well as anybody. They’ve been schmoozing for contributions for decades at this point and they won’t disappoint this go’round.

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Does the “Left” actually need people to be on welfare to win elections?

First, what is called “Right ” and “Left” is increasingly up for grabs. The winged political paradigm makes much less sense now that a significant part of the population self identifies as “libertarian,” which does not fit into the 20th Century way of looking at politics.

Saying this however we’ll go forward.

The question is whether those who advocate ever larger government have to get people “hooked” on welfare of one sort or another in order to win elections.

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The young can’t fund the old. Our entitlement state no longer works. This is perhaps the West’s greatest challenge.

How much student debt do you think this guy carried? If he ever carried any it was unlikely the kind of sum kids are graduating with now. Do you think he benefited from a generally rising stock market and economy during the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s? He looks pretty well fed and well dressed. But “hands off” HIS Social Security. Your security is less important however.

When I was in college one of the first op-eds I ever wrote was on Social Security in the college newspaper.

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1 in 4 Americans receive food aid from the government, Feds seek to “nudge” eating behavior

Now, who’s choosing what goes on the plate?

This number has steadily grown. A couple of years ago it was 1 in 7 people. Then it was 1 in 6. But seems all of the active recruiting of people into these programs over the last few years has been successful. According to the attached article the USDA now says,

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If you live in these states you have a 1 in 5 chance of being on food stamps

For a large swathe of the middle of the country the recession lingers on big time. But a couple of other things to consider as we look at these numbers is the degree to which food stamps have become deeply ingrained in the very culture of some areas, and also the degree to which a low cost of living in some parts means that a larger portion of the population qualifies for such assistance. The two factors probably compound each other.

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Lawmakers move to outlaw use of welfare benefit cards in marijuana shops

I am all for the liberalization of marijuana laws, as I have written many times before. The prohibition of cannabis is simply wrong in my estimation for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it is a crony capitalist construct. For years millions (really billions) have been made off of keeping weed illegal. From prison unions to Big Pharma lots of interests wanted to keep the inexpensive, relatively innocuous drug in the illegal category. I think legalization of pot is a good thing.

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