Lobbyists Celebrate Democratic Party’s New (renewed) Embrace at Convention

“Happy days are here again…”

Yes indeed. They are for K Street if Hills gets in the White House. Though Obama has been a ready friend to the lobbyists, banks, and other special interests (which we’ve chronicled extensively in the space) he sort of had to act like he wasn’t. Mostly for style reasons. But with the dawn of the Hillary era, and given the fact that everyone now knows the deal with Ms. Clinton, the lobbyists are shining up their wingtips and starching their collars.

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‘We Don’t Have Time For This!’ – Seth Meyers Slams Bernie-or-Bust Voters For Not Conforming to Party Line

Hey, remember when late night shows were supposed to be funny and not nightly feeds of condescending propaganda? Ah yes, those were the days. Now every late night host wants to be Jon Stewart. It’s almost as if talking points are coming straight from Media Matters the de facto White House ministry of information or something. And we know that that couldn’t be the case.

Do as you are told Bernie people! I said do as you are told!

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Who Pays for the Political Conventions? (Hint: You probably won’t like the answer.)

Hey, everyone likes a party right? And what’s better than a party you have to pay for? A party someone else has to pay for of course!

Sadly most of us aren’t invited to these parties and we are the ones picking up most of the tab, so lose lose for us. (Big corps pony up some of the cost as it is a good chance to show the wonks and delegates how good a corporate partner one can be.

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New Leak: Top DNC Official Wanted to Use Bernie Sanders’s Religious Beliefs Against Him

As we’ve said many times, Bernie’s economics are just flat out dangerous. However he was treated very badly in the primaries. That should not be forgotten. The Iowa coin flips. The railroading in Nevada. I’m sure there were many other examples. Oh, here’s one.

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Triggered: MSNBC Warns Sensitive Viewers Before Showing Anti-Hillary Buttons

As we mentioned in an earlier post, there seems to be a part of this country which has legitimately lost it. A significant part. How do these people even function in society?

This is not a joke. How do they get by from day to day? How do these people get through life?

Click here for more from NewsBusters but below is the video.

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Ending With a Whimper: the Political Surrender of Bernie Sanders

Bernie did surrender. As we said before, the collectivist, unionish tendency in the Democratic Party is strong. Those who break from the herd are quickly rejected. If you don’t stay shoulder to shoulder the herd doesn’t want you. You will be exiled. Bernie didn’t want to be exiled. And he didn’t want a challenge for his Senate seat either. So Bernie looked around and decided he didn’t want to leave the herd after all. He bowed his head and fell back in formation.

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New York Post Reports: “FBI agents believe there was an inside deal put in place after the Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton tarmac meeting,”

Apparently some in the FBI are not very happy with the way the Clinton case was handled. And some agents had to sign unorthodox nondisclosure agreements.

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Behind a Bill Clinton speaking engagement: A $1,400 hotel phone bill and $700 dinner for two

Clinton changed the rules of political speech-making for cash. He would push not just corporate hosts but also nonprofits and universities to pay fees well beyond what they were accustomed to. His aides would turn what had been a freewheeling format into tightly scripted events where every question from the audience was screened. He and Hillary Clinton would become so skilled at churning profits out of their lectures that they would net more than $150 million from speaking alone after he left the White House.

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