Health Insurance, Drug Lobbyists Continue to Fuel Clinton Campaign

Ms. Clinton recently said that the drug companies were her “enemies.” Really? So why is she cashing all the giant checks from the drug companies then? She must really hate them, and they her. No way she’s throwing out soundbites to throw voters off of her donor scent. That isn’t like Hillary Clinton. She’d never do that.

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Americans are increasingly aware of crony capitalism, and it is changing politics as we know it

Crony capitalism is a concept with which the typical informed American voter is now familiar. We are very proud of our contribution to this awakening and it is gratifying to see candidates of all stripes having to defend their current crony arrangements with donors, past crony deals, or alternatively to see them go on the attack against cronyism. That Cruz won the Iowa Caucuses despite an explicitly anti-ethanol subsidy stance is no small feat.

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REPORTER: DOJ, FBI “SUPER P***ED OFF” at Obama White House Over Clinton Investigation (VIDEO)

This is just getting ugly. Is Obama willing to throw all in with Hillary Clinton on this? If he does it will be one of the things that defines his presidency. That’s a big gamble. If this investigation is hung up for political reasons, say just long enough so that Clinton can get the nomination, that will really be pretty rotten and will only further show to the American people that there are rules for the political class and then there are rules for everyone else.

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Halperin on Clinton Emails: “My White House and FBI Sources Say ‘Something’s Going to Happen’” (Video)

On Morning Joe this morning the gaggle did their best – we know something you don’t know because we are Washington insiders – bit. Scarborough said that the Clinton investigation, according to his sources, has become ” far more advanced than the public knows.”

Will the news – if there is news –  hit before Iowa and New Hampshire? Either way things seem to be getting quite hot for Ms. Clinton.

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With mom still running, Chelsea Clinton’s already gearing up for White House bid

“I was curious if I could care about (money) on some fundamental level, and I couldn’t,” – Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea hanging with CEO of JPMorgan Jamie Dimon

If one wants to see what’s wrong with American politics one need look little farther than Chelsea Clinton. I had hoped that she would bow out and be a real live human being but this does not appear to be the case.

This is the person people seriously think should be in a position of power.

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Does Goldman Sachs have a candidate in the presidential race?

Goldman Sachs, AKA Government Sachs, is very active politically. It has sought systematically to get its people into positions of power around the world.

The second best thing to do after having one of the bank’s own in positions of power from the bank’s perspective is to give piles of money to politicians who are likely to be friendly. (Or can be swayed to be friendly.) This is what they did for example with Barack Obama in 2008.

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Bernie Sanders calls Planned Parenthood “The Establishment,” Twitter erupts on #ImSoEstablishment

Planned Parenthood and its political allies do indeed represent a part of the Democratic Party “establishment.” A similar case can be made for the NRA on the Right. Both are old, very powerful, highly polarizing organizations which throw their weight around within the Democratic and Republican Parties respectively. There’s some parallel there. At least in terms of power.

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Clinton Camp: Intel Inspector General is leaking details of Clinton email scandal “selectively”

A leak?

This is actually not an entirely new story.  Last year Ed Klein reported that Bill Clinton believed that the Obama White House was leaking stories about Hillary. It was a heck of a claim and didn’t get a ton of coverage.

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About half of retiring senators and a third of retiring House members register as lobbyists

Washington DC is a company town. In Washington money and power flow back and forth in a strange double helix of back scratching and back stabbing. We shouldn’t be surprised that people latch onto Capitol Hill. It’s a seductive place.

Willie Sutton was once asked, “Why do you rob banks?”

The reply, “Because that’s where the money is.”

A similar question could be asked of many a congress person, “Why don’t you go back to the area you once represented?

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