Trump signs executive order to hold Veteran’s Affairs employees accountable

Some at the highest levels of military have said that the VA is a disaster on a colossal scale. Essentially that it is a problem that is so big, with government employees that are so entrenched, the challenge of getting Veteran’s Affairs functional is a job that is almost impossible.

But this order appears to be a start. The Hill should expand on the initiative. Below I will link to just some of the VA stories we’ve covered over the past few years.

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John Kasich Sounds Like He’s Over The Republican Party

Now there’s a shock. I can’t believe it. Who would have thought???

Look, any Republican that would jump at a guest spot on Morning Joe (as we suspect Mr. Kasich would) probably would be happier in some other party. The country has moved on. 

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The Ancient March from Crony Capitalism to Statism

This is a great piece to begin the weekend. Excellent analysis from David L. Bahnsen at The National Review.

His analysis and advice is for Republicans particularly. (As should be expected from The National Review.) Embrace crony capitalism at your peril. If Trump starts lauding “public/private partnerships” and vast infrastructure plans, reject them. Cronyism to a large extent is what sunk Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

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Son of NAFTA? : Trump agrees not to terminate NAFTA treaty ‘at this time,’ will attempt renegotiation: White House

NAFTA probably deserves to die outright. It is a crony arrangement and is a great example of how what is often called “free trade” is actually managed trade. Managed for vested interests that is. 

As pointed out in 2015,

Murray Rothbard opposed NAFTA and showed that what the Orwellians were calling a “free trade” agreement was in reality a means to cartelize and increase government control over the economy.

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Democrats’ all-too-telling love for Maxine Waters

Ms. Waters is a crony capitalist to the max who recently said that Putin had invaded Korea (she meant Crimea – but in this video one can see she’s not really sure about where either one is, or perhaps WHAT either one is).  She is far from the type of person the Democrats should be celebrating. But if the Democrats want to keep on losing – go right ahead.


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John McCain: “I Hope” Trump Has Been “Sucked In” By The Washington Establishment

That’s right. Let’s hope Trump is hopelessly entangled in the same crony morass that you find yourself in. Yes, let’s hope that any bit of change and challenge to the establishment is wiped clean from the Trump White House. That would be just great for America.

Now let’s go drop some bombs! Eh Mr. McCain?

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Trump learning to love Bush aides

One of the reasons many people supported Trump and opposed Hillary Clinton was because she in many ways was of the “Bush club.” A Democrat sure, but a neocon internationally and definitely a part of the establishment.

Increasingly it seems Trump is cozying up to the establishment. Perhaps this is the trade for the reduction in Russia heat.

The last thing this country needs however is a bunch of Bushites given new life.

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