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Neoconservatives threaten to “take down” Rand Paul, Not pro-Israel enough

Let me say that I am a friend of Israel. I grew up with the children of Israeli air force pilots. In my home my father had a picture hanging in his office signed by some of his Israeli friends flying over a bombed out Iraqi nuclear facility. I grew up with the knowledge that the only place in the Middle East where the average Arab had any voice in government at all was in Israel.

But the Israeli lobby (and let’s be very clear about this, Israeli does NOT mean “Jewish” lobby) is too powerful in this country. Far too much of our foreign policy is dictated by a small group of very powerful people who believe that the USA must continue to funnel money to Israel no matter the cost. We wage wars to provide cover for Israel. Much of the Iraq war was about providing a buffer for Tel Aviv. Likewise the war we almost got involved in in Syria was also driven by Israeli interests. (Thankfully the American and British people rose up and made sure we stayed out of there.)

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