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Uh oh, Schweizer’s got a new book out, ‘Clinton Cash’

Hillary’s got a lot of it that’s for sure. No longer are she and Bill ‘dead broke.”

Their foundation over the past decade has attracted hundreds of millions of dollars from around the world. That Ms. Clinton was Secretary of State and a potential future president had nothing to do with the Clinton Foundation becoming the behemoth of capital it has become. That was only a coincidence.

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David Hasselhoff makes an insane music video: Proof that America has a weird subconscious longing for Reagan years?

This video was just too good not to post. So yeah, I’ll post what is sure to be a viral monster. I’ll feed the beast. It nails the 1980s. Nails them.

That this video resonates – in an absolutely ridiculous way – is I sense because America is tired of 9-11, and war, and Bush, and Obama. It’s ready to lighten up a bit. Not unlike how America felt post 60s and 70s.

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Hillary’s Wall Street backers: We know she has to placate the serfs with populist rhetoric

Everyone on Wall Street knows that Hillary is there for them. Sure she’s going to talk a good lefty-populist game but everyone knows that it’s bull. It’s part of the game. Tell the “politically unsophisticated” whatever they want to hear. People will forget. They always do. Accountability? Shoot this is 2015, post bailout. Accountability is for suckers.

Having a hard time making your car payment? Oh I understand. I eat at Chipotle too. Late on rent? CEOs make too much money!

Just say whatever. The American people are too “politically unsophisticated” to realize they’re being played. Ready for Hillary!

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Do Democrats even LIKE Hillary?

Last week we posted a story about the cozy relationship Hillary and Bill Clinton have with the CEO of Columbia’s largest private oil company and we asked this question;

…are the UAW, the AFL-CIO, and the USW going to support a candidate for president who has taken millions and millions of dollars from a company (and its CEO) which has a history of busting unions at the point of a rifle?

Are they?

The article did well in terms of traffic but of particular interest to me was the tone of some of the comments from readers at the end of the article. Among some of our more liberal commentors I sensed just a bit of real unease with Ms. Clinton.

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Enough Is Enough: Abolish the IRS

The income tax is absolutely crazy if one takes a moment to think about it. We’ve become so conditioned to accept it that we don’t even realize how ridiculous it is. The government taxes one for being productive, for creating income for one’s family, for doing one’s part to grow the economy. It doesn’t make any sense.

But there is a vast government infrastructure which depends on your money. There is also a political constituency which believes that it is the government’s duty to take income from some in the name of “social justice.” That this money happens to flow back to many of the people calling for “social justice” is a coincidence of course.

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More Crony Media: Have marching orders been handed down at Fox? Neocon or bust?

This week has been an interesting one on Fox News with both Megyn Kelly and Charles Krauthammer going full out after Rand Paul. Paul’s poll numbers are rising while the other GOP hopefuls are declining and this concerns the pro-war wing of the GOP. It’s getting later and later in the game and the big government GOP candidates are not gaining the traction that it was assumed they would gain. That this attack from Fox coincides with a spate of neoconservative attack ads from the “Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America” (Check this website out) in early primary states, is probably not a coincidence.

What is particularly absurd, objectively speaking, is the assertion by Charles Krauthammer (someone for whom I have a significant degree of respect) that Paul has more in common with Obama on foreign policy than the pro-war, big government wing of the GOP. This is obviously not true. For the most part Obama and the neoconservatives have been quite close on policy. The war in Libya. The proposed (but halted thanks to the American and British people) bombing of Syria. The arming of “moderate” rebels in the Levant. The drone war in Yemen. Etc. Aside from the talks with Iran, which is a desperate attempt by the president to establish some sort of “legacy,” Obama has been Bush II lite. Obama’s policy has basically been a neoconservative policy. Even if Netanyahu and the President don’t like each other.

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(More Crony Media) Nerd Prom: Film shows how cozy reporters (and movie stars) are with White House

I resent that some call the White House Correspondents’ Dinner “Nerd Prom.” The people who attend this thing are not nerds. They aren’t socially awkward. They aren’t often particularly smart. They ARE generally good looking. And they are social climbing Cheshire cats. Nerds are pretty much the opposite of the permasmiles parading down the red carpet in Washington. None of these people have ever played Minecraft.

The media and politicians love each other. Movie people make politicians feel like they’re hip. Politicians make the media people feel like they are powerful.

I find the White House Correspondents Dinner gut wrenching and not a little depressing. Yay America!

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The Alinsky Way of Governing

Saul Alinsky was an effective strategist (if an outright enemy of human liberty – despite what we are told) and his thinking has influenced many of the more control obsessed people in government for 2 generations. Obama, the one time “community organizer” is an acolyte. As are many of the people around him.

Universities are full of Alinsky fans. I was assigned Rules for Radicals, and another book, The New Rules for Radicals, while I was in college. Funny, I was never assigned The Republic.

A couple of other things should be noted about Rules. 1, that Hillary Clinton wrote her senior thesis at Wellesley on the book. And 2, Saul Alinsky dedicated his rule book to “Lucifer.” How insane is that?

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After millions of dollars were pledged by the oil company to the Clinton Foundation Hillary changed her position on U.S.-Colombia trade pact.

Seriously Democrats is Hillary Clinton really going to be your nominee? So she’s taken millions of dollars from the head of an oil company which has strong connections to the Colombian military, which also just happened to “round up” the striking workers of Pacific Rubiales, the company in question.

I mean, I get that she is a woman, and that she has name recognition, and that she has long been the presumed nominee. But guys, I may not agree with you on most things but this is an integrity thing. At least don’t throw in with someone who many of my friends on the “Left” would probably call a union busting, fossil fuels promoting, political profiteer if she wasn’t named Hillary Clinton. At least stand for something lefties – other than cronyism.

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Hillary hires Google executive to be chief technology officer

Well this is just getting flat out annoying. Recently we reported that Obama had a Google exec, Eric Schmidt (who is a billionaire) at the helm of his tech campaign in 2012. Now another Google executive is headed to the Clinton campaign.

We’ll say it again. Remember “Don’t be evil”? Well, given Ms. Clinton’s long and well documented track record of shadiness it seems that motto has been completely and totally abandoned by Google. It’s a shame.

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Big Business’s powerful wingman (Government)

Many people wrongly believe that politics is to a large extent a battle between government and business. That the 2 represent opposite dispositions. This is a foolish notion. Business and government are more often partners than adversaries. Especially now.

But crony capitalism has a long history in this country.

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