John Harwood Asks “Who Do You Believe America?” – Gets Surprising Answer (For him)

Surprise to Harwood maybe. (But how could it be at this point? How daft could he be?) But not a surprise to us or likely many of our readers.

Harwood is, as you may remember the the chief political correspondent for CNBC who also ran stories by and offered advice to the Clinton campaign. (This was exposed by Wikileaks.)

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True Pundit: “Can’t we just drone this guy?” – Hillary Clinton on Julian Assange

Ms. Clinton reportedly uttered these words during a State Department meeting focused on the impact of the release of a group of diplomatic cables from Wikileaks. State also reportedly discussed “legal and non-legal” ways of neutralizing Assange.

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Who cares who hacked the DNC? , The real story is that the DNC appears corrupt and actively worked against Bernie Sanders

Somewhere along the way the “official” media sources got the official line. –  Focus on an assertion by John Podesta Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, who has his own ties to the Russians, that the Russians are behind exposing that the Democratic National Committee was working on behalf of Hillary Clinton in the primary process and against Bernie Sanders.

No one in the government to our knowledge has confirmed this assertion. But even still, where the leak came from is not the issue.

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Julian Assange talks about the DNC “power structure”, how it worked against Bernie, and manipulated the media (VIDEO)

We have no horse in the presidential race.  (Or any race.) There is crony capitalism all over. DNC, RNC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX, Washpo, The Times, Washington, New York, LA, – you get the point. But this leak from Wikileaks, no matter where it came from originally has exposed the inner workings, to some extent, of the American political beast and that is important and valuable for the American people.

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Obama prosecuted whistleblowers for working with media, not (for working ) with foreign govts

Say what you want about Assange but Wikileaks has done some good work. And Assange is certainly correct on the below. Obama has gone after whistleblowers with a particularly vindictive zeal. Largely I think because he doesn’t fundamentally trust the apparatus around him.

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Will the TISA trade pact encourage (force?) Americans to go to the developing world for healthcare? (It’s being proposed)

Again, Obamacare, “Net neutrality,” now the TPP, the TPA, and Trade in Services Agreement (TISA). Is this how we make laws in this country now? In the shadows?

Who knows what is in these agreements? Well, somebody does, but it’s not you or me, or likely even your Senator. There is a reason all these trade negotiations are secret. Lives in the US are likely to be impacted negatively by their adoption. And I’m not just talking about labor unions.

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Why NSA surveillance is worse than you’ve ever imagined

I was at a meeting in Washington right after Snowden had revealed some of what we now know about the NSA spying on Americans when the phone intercom system went out, made a bit of noise, and then cut back on again. The presenter joked that it was the NSA listening in.

Of course it wasn’t the NSA – I would have pitied the poor guy who had to listen to that meeting on tax policy, I barely made it through the afternoon –

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