In South America the socialists are addicted to oil, is there opportunity for market based “alternative energy” there?

We at ACC are very much for “clean energy” sources. The world has a giant nuclear reactor in the sky called the sun. It seems we should be able to figure out how to make it work for us.

However when governments get ahold of “clean energy” it is almost always about creating boondoggles that benefit connected contractors. Almost always. That’s what happened with the Obama “Greenrush.” (Paid for by you and me of course.) 

But in South America things,

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Wind-Energy Sector Gets $176 Billion Worth of Crony Capitalism

As I have to say every time we run these stories, we at Against Crony Capitalism are very much for alternative energies. But we are for them within the market. The sad truth is that many of the “alternative energy” efforts emanating from this White House have been very thinly veiled corporate crony capitalist gifts. And the money which hasn’t gone to connected corporations often has gone to connected individuals. In 2010-2011 it seemed like everyone with a Democratic Party stamp of approval and who was part of the “green club”

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GOP businessman pushes wind, solar (Surprise, he wants subsidies. AKA your money)

Where solar makes more sense and where it makes less. 

We are for solar and wind. In fact in my next house I intend to have large solar panels installed with a backup battery system. We like green stuff. But subsidies are not cool and invariably are vehicles for crony capitalism. Invariably.

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The environment is very important to us at Against Crony Capitalism. We believe in a cleaner planet, we are fans of trees, we like vast expanses of rain forest, we like environmentally friendly materials and energy. But  in order for something to be considered truly sustainable it must be sustainable economically. Does the market want a material or form of energy at a cost which makes sense? If the answer is no, if a project is not economically sustainable, it should not be done.

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Why don’t more “conservatives” embrace a truly free market in energy?


*Originally published 1-26-2011

One of the core principals of conservative political and economic thought is that the market must be allowed to work. When the market breathes innovation flourishes, costs come down, and entrepreneurs and business people can make economic decisions based on what will grow their businesses, not how best to avoid red tape. Businesses rise and fall based on the degree to which businesses can deliver a product that meets a need in the market.

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Let the Wind Power Subsidies Die

I like windmills. I actually plan on having a turbine on the property of my next house. I’ve it picked out and everything. I also plan to put solar panels on the roof to at least heat my water. In the mid-80s my dad installed a solar water heater and it worked great. My bet is they are even better now.

I like “alternative” energies. But I dislike subsidies. In fact think all energy subsidies should be done away with.

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Obama Meets a Subsidy He Doesn’t Like – Oil Subsidies

Fantastic, Mr. Obama, I am glad you are getting on board! Let’s cut the subsidies that go to the fossil fuel companies. I am all for it. I am even for ending the wars that protect the flow of fossil fuels around the world. I don’t want any American soldiers dying defending an oil or natural gas pipeline that benefits Europe or China primarily. Let’s finally and once and for all liberalize the energy markets.


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Wind Farms Paid Not to Produce?

Sounds like the wind farmers in the Columbia River Gorge have a good gig going. They get paid (by the taxpayer) even if their power is not needed, as was the case for 38 days last year.

I still haven’t figured out why they just don’t adjust the rate downward during times of high supply—or sell it elsewhere—power companies do this all the time.

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