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WSJ Book Review: ‘Stress Test’ by Timothy F. Geithner

According to this review Mr. Geithner thinks quite a lot of himself. He takes credit (credit?) for the lion’s share of the TARP bailout, which he sees as a success and not as many have come to see in the years since, an overreaction to a meltdown brought on by easy money which fundamentally undermined our economy.

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Romney is Worried about Ron Paul

I have been very open in my support for Ron Paul. I personally believe he is the last best chance for us to save the remnant we have of the Republic and from there reestablish it to what it should be. I also think that Ron Paul has an excellent chance of beating Obama. He might even have a better shot than Romney.

One of the biggest stories not being covered by the old media is the contrast in crowd numbers between the 2 GOP rivals. Ron Paul, week after week is getting crowds of 5,000, 6,000, nearly 10,000 to hear him speak. Romney can barely fill a college lecture hall. And this is why Romney’s camp is getting nervous.

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Fed Policy Favors the 1%, Krugman Disagrees, Defends the Price Fixers Again

Thanks again to Tyler at ZeroHedge.com

In the attached piece Tyler Durden posts the recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by Mark Spitznagel who makes the case that current Fed policy strongly favors the wealthy, specifically the investment bankers. His analysis is right on in this site’s opinion.

Spitznagel writes:

The Fed, having gone on an unprecedented credit expansion spree, has benefited the recipients who were first in line at the trough: banks (imagine borrowing for free and then buying up assets that you know the Fed is aggressively buying with you) and those favored entities and individuals deemed most creditworthy. Flush with capital, these recipients have proceeded to bid up the prices of assets and resources, while everyone else has watched their purchasing power decline.

But Nobel Prize winner and cat lover Paul Krugman says that Spitznagel’s perspective is all wrong. The Fed is actually making life harder for the bankers.

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