How The Senate Just Took “A Hatchet To American Liberty”

We don’t agree with all of Senator Wyden’s positions but he is pretty darn good on most things privacy. We appreciate his protest.

The only way this sort of thing will stop is if everyday people get angry enough to make it stop. It’s death by a thousand privacy cuts. A little bit of our dignity and sovereignty taken every day.

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Lobbyists getting paid: The tax break lapse game

We are all for tax breaks generally. The less revenue coming out of the productive economy the better – for the most part. But tax breaks, even though they are infinitely better than tax credits which are paid for directly by the taxpayer, can still be a form of crony capitalism. If company or industry X gets a big break and company or industry Y does not, company or industry Y is at a disadvantage.

One of the issues associated with “targeted”

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Senator Wyden: 2 Patriot Acts, the one one can read and the “real” version which one cannot

An effort is underway in the House (Thanks to Justin Amash, the Republican congressman from Michigan) to defund part of the NSA. Special interests within and around the agency are concerned. For pretty much forever the agency has been seen as untouchable.

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