“There is no (global) recovery” Banks are abandoning the Japanese stock market, Japan to just dump “free” cash on its citizens? (VIDEO)

Abenomics, the massive Keynesian experiment spearheaded by the Japanese Prime Minister has failed and now this failure is just becoming obvious.

This stimulus effort having failed some economists (see the attached video) now think that fiscal stimulus is needed. (As opposed to monetary stimulus.)

That ain’t gonna work either but things are getting ugly and the Keynesians are getting desperate.

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What Is Free Banking, and Why Should I Care? (Video)

In some ways “free banking” is a radical idea. In other ways it is deeply conservative (in the best sense of the word). The attached 3 minute video explains the concept well, and why free banking is better than our current centrally planned system.

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HSBC fears horrible end to Japan’s QE blitz as Abe wins landslide

The yen debasement bus rolls on. Has a new tank of gas too.

Oil sends a shudder through the world economy. Japan goes for broke (probably literally) with the Japanese citizenry on board. China fears being sucked into a debasement black hole. Europe clings. We watch.

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Are Central Banks Creating “a Bubble of Epic Proportions?”

Over the last 25 years we’ve gone from one Fed created bubble to the next. Now the central banks of the world are pushing into new frontiers of money printing and they are likely creating a bubble which will result in an unprecedented bust.

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Bitcoin breaks $200, people are really starting to pay attention.

Bitcoin is an important development in world finance. Whatever the end result for Bitcoin, whether, it comes to be seen as completely legit, crashes and then surges again, crashes with no resurgence, or whatever, it is amazing that so many people are willing to depart with dollars, euros, and yen for this new means of exchange.

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The Current Currency War (Infographic)

The major economic players of the world are in the midst of devaluing their currencies, or attempting to. The goal is to increase competitiveness of exports and boost domestic economic activity especially in manufacturing. One of the problems is that this sort of thing often results in price inflation, often damaging inflation and societal disruption. The last big currency war happened in the 1930s.

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Another US and Japanese Money Boom

As the world’s central banks keeping merrily “printing” new currency, it is hard to know how much the money supply is growing. It is especially hard to keep up with it because you have to know how to define the money supply, much less estimate changes to it.

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